5 Easy and Best Tricep Workouts For Size

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Triceps are the essential pushing muscles of the upper arm and help on any abdominal area press. In the event that you need eye-popping triceps then the accompanying best tricep workouts for size will be the ideal begin.In the event that you don’t see your most loved on this rundown, don’t crack! These 5 best tricep workouts for size aren’t sufficient to finish your whole triceps toolbox; they’re quite recently the start. We respect your contribution to the comments segment for some other proposals you may have!

5 Easy and best tricep workouts for size are as follows:

  • Triceps Parallel Bar Dips:


This is one of the important workout form best tricep workouts for size. This also increase your core strength. Stand in between the parallel bar. Now place your hands on the bar and take a small lift to get yourself in the starting position with your arms locked.

Begin with flexing your elbow, lower your body down till your arms come in 90 degrees. Don’t swing your body, maintain a good posture and form throughout the set.

Now reverse the motion by pushing your body upwards with same form back to the starting position.

  • Close Grip Barbell Bench Press:


Use flat bench to perform bench press. Take a hold of barbell which you can comfortably lift. Now take a close grip on the bar such both hands are around 8-12 inches away from each other. Keeping this close now slowly lower the bar until it touches your chest. Now slowly raise the bar back to its starting position while contracting your triceps.

  • Overhead Triceps Extension (Both Hands):


Grab a dumbbell in both of your hands, crossed over each other to ensure firm grip. Lower the dumbbell behind your back keeping a bend at elbow throughout. Now punch from that position squeezing your triceps at top. Make sure you lock your arms close to your body throughout the exercise.

  • Cable Triceps Push Down:


This is most loved exercise by everyone in the gym. We have also included this in our best tricep workouts for size as it help to develop good tricep when done with a good form. Attach a straight or angled bar to a high pulley and grab the bar with your palms facing downward at shoulder width. Position your feet with shoulders width with slight bend in knees. Now pull the bar down with your forearms parallel to floor. Make sure your elbows are locked to your body. Now push the bar down towards floor, with help of your forearms until it gets stretched. Exhale as you are squeezing your muscle. Remain to this position for 1-2 seconds and slowly come back to starting position. Repeat steps until you do 12-15 reps.

  • Triceps Weighted Dips:


Position two flat benches exactly parallel to each other at distance of 3-4 feet away. Now grip the one of bench by keeping a close grip with palms facing down. Lift your feet and put it on the bench in front of you so that your body is now freely suspended in middle. Now bend your elbows and go down till your elbows and shoulder make an right angle. Squeeze your tricep muscle while going down. Now push your body back upwards to the starting position. This is the finisher of tricep workout and one must include this in his/her workout. This is also one of the exercise where your core strength is used and that’s why it is included in our best tricep workouts for size.


Notwithstanding the biceps getting all the consideration and press it is your triceps muscle that extends the openings on your shirt and gets the tape to move when measuring your arms. This best tricep workout for size routine depends on the standards of over-burden, time under pressure, and dynamic rest/muscle perplexity which are the most solid standards to take after to accommodate development. It can likewise be connected to other slacking muscle bunches too. What is likewise critical is the varieties connected to the activities in view of muscle fiber cosmetics and source, this is vital to think about each muscle gather you prepare for the reasons for preparing security and focusing on the key zones for development.


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